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Samuel Turner

Farberware Professional 3 Piece Dish Rack Set - Red

Farberware Professional 3 Piece Dish Rack Set - Red

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Never have the issue of running out of space when washing dishes, featuring a large basket to dry a variety dinnerware, cookware, and flatware. The large, high capacity basket is constructed of satin powder-coated wires that are rust resistant for long lasting use. The wires are heavy duty and will securely hold dinnerware and prevent scratches. The caddy features 3 compartments for easily organizing and separating flatware and other kitchen tools. It's also removable for easy unloading. The self-draining board is removable for multi-purpose use; perfect for drying large pots, pan and roasters. The bottom features a soft, non-slip feet that ensure stability and protect countertops from scratches. The basket measures approximately 16-inch by 14-inch and the draining mat measures approximately 21-inch by 15-inch.

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